Name: Jordain
Nickname(s): Jay
Age: 17


Favourite Colour(s): baby blue
Least Favourite Colour: probably orange or yellow or brown
Favourite Food: nachoes
Least Favourite Food: I can’t think of one right now
Favourite Band/Artist: oh man I dunno really. I listen to a bunch of random stuff like Dubstep and Blink 182.
Least Favourite Band/Artist: Justin Bieber, 1D, stuff like that.
Favourite Type of Movie: Horror movies ftw.
Least Favourite Type of Movie: Uhh I dunno. Boring movies I guess?

One thing you can’t get enough of: SKINS (reason why I have this blog lol)
One thing you hate more than anything: People who lie straight to my face and not even feel bad about it.


Are you single? Sadly, yes.
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Not really, no.
Do you flirt a lot? Nope.
Do you believe in love at first sight? I would want too but I feel like it’s something that wouldn’t happen to me.
Do you fall in love fast? Nah.
Do you ever make the first move? No
Do you want to get married? Yes


A daydreamer? Yuuuup.
Talkative? Once I’m use to being around the person, YES.
Energetic? Sometimes.
Happy? I guess
Trustworthy? Yes.
Confident? I try to be.
Friendly? Try to be.
Sarcastic? a little
Dependable? yea
Adaptable? yea
Emotionally strong? Yeah I guess.

Religious? Not really.
Indecisive? nah
Outgoing? not really, no not at all lately
Nosy? Sometimes
Lazy? YES A LOT.
Artistic? not really
Thoughtful? yea
Considerate? yeah
Romantic? in my head, sure. 
Obsessive? no
Sincere? i try to be
Tolerant? for the most part, yea